Cast of Characters


This is us, (as in my husband, Dave and I) on our first wedding anniversary, 10/3/16. At grandfather mountain.

Dave and I have been together since 2009, married since oct 3 2015. We met online years before in an aol chatroom and reconnected sometime in the summer of 2008. (Perhaps another blog post for this story) we are the same age, in our.. 30s.. he works from home as a computer programmer. If I had to do his job, I’d shoot myself.

Our son, Daegan. Almost 13, going on 20 or so he thinks (until it’s time to brush his teeth or change his underwear). He really is an amazing kid and I can’t imagine a world without him in it. He is the product of a previous relationship (his dad and I were teenage sweethearts who grew apart) but Dave has become an amazing father to him.